I've always been someone who has enjoyed learning about the past. I grew up listening to stories from my Grandma Budd and loved every word. I remember being a teenager and I was going through a hard time, my mom let me read one of her journals. It had a really big impact on me. Years later after I was married my husband and I were told that we would never have children. Four years after the fertility process we decided we wanted to try adoption. I was told that the process could take years. I knew that I needed something to keep me busy after work. My grandpa and grandma gave me some stuff of their during World War II and I submerged myself in their love story. We were blessed that only a few months later we became parents to a little girl, but I wasn't done with my love of stories from the past. Now a mother to four children I try to find pieces of time to work on Family History and share stories. Another time in my life I read my Great Grandmother's Life History and there was a time in her life that any other person would have wanted to give up. She lost both her baby and three year old only months apart. As I read her experiences I felt her pain, but she endured and Faith and love won. I realized at that moment that we may all go through different experiences, but we can learn so much from our ancestors. I am grateful for those that came before me-for their sacrifices, love, pain, and faith. I am the person I am because of those amazing people.