I have a black thumb, really I do. I have a couple plants that are in the windowsill above my sink, when I look at them and try to remember when I last watered them I can’t come up with anything. They look sad and droopy, but I decide to give them a little drink anyways. I hate throwing away plants, so I keep them and love them to the best of my ability. Suddenly days later I realize that they aren’t so sad anymore. Their color looks good and they’ve perked up quite a bit. Isn’t that how we are at times? To some we may seem like a lost cause, and friends and family just give up on us. They may think there is no helping us, but then we realize that our Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ care about us and love us. Just when I am about to give up I am emotionally and spiritually nourished. It can happen in so many ways sometimes by going to church, other times when I get a text or call from a friend. I try to remember that I’m not the only person that happens to, I need to be a friend and example to others struggling.

In 2014 Kaila Sue Kienast ended up having back trouble. She had spinal failure, her spine was collapsing and had to have full spinal fusion surgery (24 screws and 2 metal rods inserted, alongside having her whole vertebral column rearranged) that was when she really had turned from the Lord withering in self-pity. How could Heavenly Father let this horrible thing happen to me? She wondered.  It started a series of unfortunate choices. Kaila began a path of personal destruction and she wasn’t sure she would ever find a way out.

Kaila found herself in a bad relationship and engaged, drinking and partying heavily. She didn’t see anything wrong with her life, because she wasn’t sure she deserved a better life. In 2016 Kaila went from being engaged to alone. He had met someone else and she was devastated—not because she needed him, but she needed someone. She realized a few weeks later she was pregnant. Though she was alone, she was happy to be having a baby. Kaila went to her first doctor appointment and there was no heartbeat. She was now the most alone she had ever felt. Kaila was frozen she wasn’t sure what to feel. She was on her parents couch when she found herself aimlessly scrolling through Social Media. Everyone seemed so happy. Would she ever feel happy again? Why was everyone so seemingly happy? Kaila realized that the one thing everyone had in common was they were all Mormon (LDS).

What was so special about being LDS? She wondered. She instantly googled the term who are Mormons? And the first page that came up was Mormon.org. She spent time reading up on what Mormons believed and who they were. On the side of the page was an option to have a Book of Mormon delivered to her for free. “Sure, why not.” She said. Completely expecting her free Book of Mormon to be sent in the mail to her a few days later, she was surprised to get a text message from a Mormon Missionary in Hawaii. She was asked why she wanted a Book of Mormon and Kaila responded with her current situation. The missionary suggested to meet in person with local missionaries in her area. Kaila would have normally turned down the offer, but decided to meet with them. She had nothing else to do. And really needed to get out of the house and talk to someone.

After receiving discussions and reading the Book of Mormon Kaila knew that she wanted to be a part of this church. It is so wonderful to learn that her parents also joined the church and their family will be sealed together soon. Kaila also has some exciting news of her own. She is engaged to be married next month to the missionary that baptized her.

I think that one of the greatest things about living in these times is to have so much available to us so quickly. Yes social media can tear us down, and maybe a different person would have been annoyed at all the happy posts, but Kaila chose to discover happiness for herself.

Kaila is a great example of following the spirit and acting on it. Her story reminds me of my plants. I know that my plants would do so much better if I took the time to learn more about them and water them. We are all like plants we could have so much success, and feel the blessings that are waiting for us if we just did the research and worked.

Check out Kaila’s blog where she shares her story and more great inspirational posts at Kaytay.blogs.