A few days ago we received our first box from Addi's Nest. My kids were so excited and couldn't wait to open it. 

They each were able to open one item and then we looked over all the items in the box. It was seriously like opening a treasure chest

My oldest loved the Journal by From Dream is A Wish and Table Topic Conversations the most. We can't wait to use the questions with some grandparents and write their answers in the journal. 

The Sock Puppet is going to be a family favorite. My daughter wants to be a Ventriliquist so I'm sure once we make the sock puppet she will enjoy playing with that one. 

My son loved the book The Matchbox Diary by Paul Fleischman and the pictures were amazing. This book will be a family favorite I'm sure of it. 

The Story Stones from The Stone Soup Workshop were so cute and everyone in the family loved them, especially my youngest. I'm sure we will be using those for a long time. 

We also got a beautiful bonus Water color Family picture from Lacy Llama Crafts. Addi's Nest did such a great job with their first box and I'm sure family of all ages will love it too! 
To order your own box go to Addi's Nest and wait for your own box of family magic to arrive. 

Thanks so much Addi! To read more about Addi and her mom Alexis go HERE