A couple weeks ago I went to a Conference thrown by Allison Faulkner from The Allison Show. I was also excited to listen to the Keynote Speaker my good friend Courtney Brown from Cents of Style. I’ve known Courtney for about 12 years and I’ve never heard her speak at an event before. She did great and I’m very proud of her. I loved how she talked about how many people were there for her supporting her, her family, friends and especially her husband. One thing that I loved that she said was that we all need to support one another. Support the working moms, and the moms who stay at home. We all need to be happy for one another. I loved that because at times I felt like so many women are doing so much with their lives and I spend most of my time at home cleaning and taking care of my kids. It was such a great reminder that we can all do what we love if we just support one another.

After that we all separated into different classes to listen to. I first went to the Tough Stuff group. Wow! Is all I can say. There are some really amazing women, who have gone through hard things and came out of it with amazing spirits and testimonies. I knew that I had to go to this class, because I have been really inspired by trials and what we can learn through them, and what we can teach others. I am an avid note taker, list maker and I am always journaling. I think the best way to tell you about what I learned is to share some of my favorite quotes.

The beautiful speakers were Jill Thomas, Ashlynn Mitchell from Mama Bear Fitness, Emily Meyers from  Redheaded Fox, and Heidi Swapp. They all had some amazing stories to share. Stories of pain and suffering, trials and tribulation. Their stories were so different, but they were all able to find peace. I can feel their words in my heart.

~ “Often it’s a trauma or pain to help you live your journey.”
~ “Denying your struggles doesn’t help.”
~ “You’re not a tree, move.”
~ “We work on ourselves for others, all the people we love. We have a moral obligation.”
~ “Find someone two steps ahead of you, be positive and listen.”
~ “Pain allows us to awaken, to become our higher self.”
~ “Dig deep, pull out your wounds.”
~ “It was a huge part of me, but I know it’s not just for me.
~ “You have to ‘feel your journey.’ There is no magic answer, no way to escape it, no secret passageway to avoid the pain. You have to go through it and share your experience of ‘feeling the journey’.”

YES!!! Everything they said makes so much sense, but it is so hard doing these things in a midst of a trial. After going through different things throughout my life, I have now found myself getting through hard times with a lot more grace and peace. Instead of asking “Why?” I find myself asking, “What am I supposed to learn? Who can I help through this?” It’s truly an amazing thing to realize that there is a lot more to things than just feeling pain.

“No matter how difficult the trial… we can take comfort in knowing that others before us have borne life’s most grievous trials and tragedies by looking to heaven.” ~M. Russell Ballard

The second class that I went to was Motherhood’s a Rollercoaster, enjoy the ride! I’ve been a mom for over eleven years and I have definitely had my own ups and downs on my journey, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Again, there were some amazing influencers and bloggers who spoke, Caroline Drake from Armelle Blog, Oakely Petersen from Nothing Down about it, Jenica Parcell, from A Slice of Style, and Shelby Osmond from her blog Shelby Osmond. I have followed all four of these ladies and loved seeing them in person. They each were so funny, open, and down to earth. A few of my favorite things they said are followed.

~ “Motherhood is made up of moments.”
~ “I was sent the most perfect child, so I could perfect myself.”
~ “Heavenly Father is sending these strong willed girls to learn to fight the world.”
~ “Find joy—look in the details, the here and now.”
~ “Be still sometimes.”
~ “If we were perfect parents, our kids would never learn how to forgive.”
~ “We need to learn to let go.”
~ “Watching my kids become their own little people, brings joy.”

It’s always a good reminder to stop and enjoy those moments with your kids, they grow so fast, and also remember to let go of the things that don’t really matter. Let your house get dirty, and it’s ok if you get mad once in awhile, we aren’t perfect. I am still learning as a mom and I loved listening to these four women share some of their experiences and things they have each learned as mothers.

One of my favorite things of the night was meeting, in person, one of my favorite people Julie from Julie.in.real.life  She is such a sweet, amazing friend, example and mom. Julie has taught me to love others and be kind. She has been a shoulder to cry on and a friend who is always there to listen. I enjoyed the evening and having a wonderful person to hang out with.

“Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling… It is not something to do if you can squeeze time in. It is what God gave your time for.” ~ Neil L. Anderson