This month's theme for Addi's Nest is Storytelling

Family history is growing in popularity among young and old. Alexis Maurer, creator of Addi's Nest, first found her love for family history when she was eleven. Her grandmother gave her a binder filled with charts, pictures and names. Genealogy was a lot harder than it is now with technology helping out so much. Slowly Alexis lost her passion and had other hobbies.

Now we can learn so much about our family history and access it anywhere. A few years ago Alexis started doing a lot of research and she fell in love with it again.   “I've been able to learn how to do things and I love it all so much!  I just wish everyone would want to find out about their own family!” 

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Alexis loves learning about her ancestors and wants her daughter to know of them as well. She shared with me one of her favorite stories. “I have so many favorite stories but one that is cherished in my family is of a pioneer ancestor, Stillman Pond, who was a lot like Job in the Bible.  He lost everything, including 2 wives and many children.  But he never gave up. And eventually he did have a family again and became a wealthy man.”

Alexis and daughter Adaline (inspiration for Addi's Nest)

As a mom, I want my kids to know about their ancestors and family history. Alexis feels the same way as a mom to one daughter Adaline. "Family history is really who we are and for kids to know that and where they come from is powerful. Sharing stories with them of real life and hard times, but also getting through those help kids become stronger themselves. They can learn from the mistakes of the past and be proud of the amazing thing their family members did. And they have a story to tell as well!" 
Alexis started a company called Addi’s Nest. They are subscription boxes that you can sign up for and shipped to your house each month. “Our boxes will be filled with books, games, activities, and crafts.  There could be ties to history, cultures, and things they can do with their families now or honor those who have passed on. We want kids to have a chance to experience their family in fun, simple ways.  They will learn, relate, discover, and create. Our very first box theme is the art of storytelling and we have some fun things in the works! Become our Nest Buddy for sneak peeks!

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