My 4th Great Grandparents—Charles and Louisa Budd lived in Beeding, Sussex, England, where they heard from missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They were baptized and decided to join the Saints in America. They had fifteen children, most of which were older and settled in England, only two of their children came with them for the trek to Zion. Thirteen of their kids stayed back. Wow! What a hard decision to make to leave your children and grandchildren.

My 4th Great Grandfather Charles Budd

Learning more about my ancestors have been amazing, but what is really amazing is getting to know a new cousin. Every time I watch Who Do You Think You Are or Relative Race I think of how cool it is for people to get to meet actual relatives that they never knew before. Someone that shares a Great Grandparent up the line. I feel so blessed to have had to opportunity to connect with a cousin. 

Amanda Nile in the town her 3rd Great Grandmother lived. 

Amanda is my 4th cousin. We both share the same 4th Great Grandparents. Amanda didn’t grow up in the LDS church. As a teen she had met missionaries while she babysat for a family. Amanda had told them that she had no interest in learning about the church. She would catch herself listening in from the other room and was intrigued. Amanda was baptized a member of the church only a few weeks later. That was the moment her life changed forever. As time passed Genealogy became more than a chart that our Grandparents had. Amanda has a strong testimony and love for Joseph Smith. “The story of Joseph Smith gives me hope, strength, and determination to keep moving forward in any difficult situation. I feel such love for them. That’s how I got involved in Family History. I was trying to see if I had any connection at all to Joseph Smith.”

Book about the town Beeding where many of my ancestors The Budds lived. 

"Family history work will bring miracles to your life and the lives of those you love." -Wendy Watson Nelson

 Amanda started an account on Family Search and as she began learning about her ancestors she realized that she was not the first person in her family to join this church. Amanda began researching her line and that is when she discovered her 4th Great Grandparents that she shares with me. Her 3rd Great Grandmother Martha Budd was one of the children that was already married and she did not join the church and come to America.

A home that was in the Budd family for many years. 

What an amazing thing for Amanda to learn. “When I found the Budd family I was astonished that I had chosen the same path that my family before me had also chosen. Even better to learn they had been pioneers.”

Amanda visiting Charles and Louisa's daughter Martha's home. 

Just recently Amanda and her family went to visit the home where her 3rd Great Grandmother lived, Charles and Louisa’s daughter. She had an amazing experience. “When I stood outside of Martha’s home I felt I was home… I felt a sense of belonging. I had a feeling she [Martha] was happy I had traveled all that way to visit her home. It was a very special experience.”  Amanda plans to also visit the street in Sussex where Charles and Louisa lived before they traveled to America.

Our ancestors- part of the Budd family.

“My ancestors inspire me. I feel so honored they are my family. My heart is filled with such joy for what they did.”

I am so thankful that I have gotten to know Amanda, even though she is half-way across the world from me, we are kindred spirits—we are family. 

"Learning your family history is the key to unlocking who you are." -Family Tree Magazine