December is a month of traditions, nostalgia, and memories. One of my favorite things is opening up all of my Christmas boxes and letting the memories flood out. As my daughter says, “I love the smell of our Christmas decorations.” It’s true, there is a certain smell, part of that comes the memories. Some of my decorations I love because they are just cute, some because of what they make me think of.  A lot of my decorations I bought in the first five years of my marriage. In the years we didn’t have kids, we were doing fertility. There were times of joy and sadness. But I love it so much!

A few years ago my mom decided it was time to get rid of some of her decorations. She invited us over to choose through the ones that she didn't want anymore. One of my favorite was a Santa in the tub. I loved it every year. It just made me smile. That was my first choice to take. I love having it hung in my bathroom and I get nostalgic about my childhood. 

One of the items I wanted was the plush Avon reindeer family. There was a mom, dad, and four kids that each had our names on it. Unfortunately she wanted to keep those. About six months later I was at a yard sale and found the Avon mom reindeer. It made me so happy and I happily keep it on my mantle. 

For each granddaughter's wedding my grandma would buy them dishes and silverware. So for my wedding 15 years ago she bought me a few sets of the china I registered for. 

She also would buy us nice silverware. I don't know that she offered this to anyone else or not, but she asked me if I wanted a new set or hers and my grandpa's old set. Of course I chose their old set. I love it so much and I am so thankful to have them to use at special occasions, especially Christmas. Each time I get them out I feel them with me. 

In 2006 my husband's grandparents passed away a few months apart from each other. Before they did the estate sale all the kids and grandchildren were invited over to pick things we wanted. It was a little more difficult for me because I didn't have a lot of memories with them. My husband chose puzzles that he had lots of memories doing with them. As I was wandering around, I saw a table of books and a certain book caught my eye. 

It was an old children's book and on the inside cover his grandma had different signatures of her name. It looked like through the years and stages of her life she resigned it. It is one of my most cherished items in my home. I keep it out all year long, but I display it in a better place for December. 

I love the feeling, the look, the smells and the nostalgia that comes with Christmas time. I love thinking about my childhood, and about what it was like for my parents and grandparents. It's a time of love, sharing, and giving. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Our chance to grow and blossom.