Merle and Jerry Budd 

A few days ago was my Grandma's birthday. She would have been 92. She passed away just over four years ago. My Grandma Budd was my everything. I have so many memories with her. Grandma would always tell us stories, and play with us and tell us more stories. She was there whenever someone needed a babysitter or help at their homes. 

My grandma was quite a beauty. Circa 1942

Grandma Budd would have us come and sleep over with cousins and we would choose between the red room or the blue room (the color of carpet determined which room they were). She always told us wonderful qualities we had that made us feel special.

During a photography class I used this picture of my grandma and her hands.

When I was eleven my family moved in with my grandparents. We  were going to be there for about a year while we were building a house. Circumstances changed and my mom never left. The house that my mom grew up in stayed her home and my older brother bought it a few years ago. He also lives there with his family. There was relief when my brother bought the house. All 23 cousins were so happy that the home we all had memories in, stayed in the family.

Me and my 3 children in 2012 with my grandparents

I was so blessed to get to live with my grandparents for over eight years. After I got married I would go back and visit them often. When my husband and I were struggling with infertility and decided to start the adoption process I decided I wanted to write a story about them and their lives. I became a mom sooner than we had expected so it put my writing project on hold, but over the following seven or more years. I continued to work on it in my spare time and enjoyed talking with my grandparents and listening to stories. It brought me closer to them. I felt a bond that I didn't have before. My grandpa would smile and they both loved that I was interested in their lives. 

Love my typewriter bracelet. 

One of my biggest memories was my grandma couldn't sleep well at night. She would type on her manual typewriter late into the night and I would her the clicks of each letter. It was strange because you would think that it would irritate you as you were falling asleep, but I loved it. At the age of fourteen I saved my money and bought an old typewriter at a yard sale. I loved it and I promised that I was going to write a story on it. It somehow ended up in the shed and over the years became lost somehow. A few years ago I saw a typewriter key bracelet for sale and I had to have it. I still wear it on special occasions when I want to remember my grandma. 

My new typewriter at my desk in my front room. 

Recently I celebrated my birthday and I decided I was ready for an old typewriter. They are expensive, but I used my birthday money and I bought one. The funny thing was the woman told me her address and I commented "Oh I think this is the neighborhood I grew up in." I told her my maiden name and she said that she knew my family. It was nice to go get the typewriter which I love! 

The house I grew up in. 

My oldest daughter went with me and I drove her around the neighborhood and we drove passed my old house. I took a picture of it. I have so many lovely memories there with my family and friends. 

I love this mirror and brush that I got after my grandma passed away. My grandpa tried to send her one from Hawaii during WWII, but they sent her a locket instead. Years later he bought her this set. 

It's amazing to me that we can have one thing or one item that will remind us of many other things? That's what I love about antiques and heirlooms that are passed down. It's not just something old to look at, but memories that embody the item. 

While visiting my grandma's grave it was a perfect moment. 

I miss Grandma so much! Sometimes I talk to her and ask her for advice. I know that she listens and is always there for me. 

Brooklynn with her great grandparents.

Cameron lounging with Grandma.

McKenna with her Great Grandma. Perfect picture. 

She's even come to me in my dreams. My favorite was shortly after she passed away, I saw her in my dream. She looked so beautiful, with her trademark red lipstick. She told me that she loved me and everything was going to be okay, and then she hugged me. I didn't know what she meant at the time, but I loved it anyway. My grandma was beautiful inside and out! I miss her, but am so thankful for the memories!