The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been a big part of my life. It was also a big part of several of my ancestors lives. When I read about my ancestors I learn from their experiences. I am able to apply their trials into my own life and grow. I know that we can all learn and grow from one another as well. I know that when I went through my infertility and adoption I had a friend who leaned on me and came to me with concerns when it came to having children. We were given a light and we can shine bright light a star and help others. In January I heard about a Fireside that was being given by so many amazing bloggers, and well-known Utah business owners. I heard about it and knew that I had to go to it. My ten year old daughter came with me, she is a very spiritual little girl and is always wanting to hear good talks and quotes. Several of the speakers she follows on Instagram. I also invited my sister-in-law Johana. Johana is my brother's wife, she is from Honduras and is a convert to the LDS church. She doesn't have an instagram, nor does she follow any of the speakers on social media. With that said, she loves to learn and grow by listening to others. I had the perfect companions. 

The purpose of the fireside was for these amazing women to express how they feel about the gospel, how it helps them in their lives and why they believe it. 

The evening started out with Sarah Tyau. She talked about the purpose they were all there and introduced the speakers. She talked about just in the word gospel it explains a lot. Gospel means "Good news". That really started the evening out right. 

There were so many wonderful speakers Summer Belessa, Brittany Jepsen, Aubry Bennion, Brittany Scott, Rhonna Farrer, Meta Coleman, Caitlin Connolly, Eva Jorgensen, Shelby Osmond, Jill Thomas, Aubrey Jackson, and Stephanie Nielson. There were five different beautiful musical numbers as well. The spirit was so strong in that chapel. I was so thankful that I went and had my sister-in-law and daughter there with me to share the experience. 

I wish I could share everything, but I wanted to share a few of the things that I learned from the fireside and some of my favorite quotes from their talks. 

~ "God loves us among our faults." 
~ "I get my creative talents from Jesus Christ." 
~ "It's all about love." 
~ "Ask with a sincere heart." 
~ "Give prayer of Thanksgiving."
~ "The light we have can dim. Trials and hardships can make us feel distant from God. Share and surround yourself with others with  light. We can brighten your light." 
~ "She is the wind, He is the mountains. How fitting only the mountains can catch the wind." 
~ "She knew she was made for great things." 
~ "God thinks are good enough and loves us, but he sees our full potential." 
~ "Through trials, we can be happy."
~ "We can learn about the atonement from others and their experiences." 
~ "We are all on the same journey, we can inspire one another." 
~ "Miracles happen. Big and little. We sometimes see God as unreachable, but he's there in every detail of our life." 
~ "Seek greater light.The temple is a place of light." 

Seriously if I could go back and listen again I would. It was an amazing night. I learned so much. Each one of them had some wonderful things to say and experiences to share. I loved Jill Thomas and Stephanie Nielson especially spoke to me and what I needed to hear. We all have bad days and we all doubt ourselves at times, but I loved when Stephanie said, "I am a mother, I'm good at it, because God is there." I feel that about myself. I know that I am a good mom and no matter my misgivings and being judged by others, I was meant to be a mommy. I hope that I have the light and can influence others for good. 

It was also so amazing to meet Stephanie and talk to her for several minutes. She really is that amazing, beautiful, kind, thoughtful, sweet person that I always see through her pictures. She was also so sweet to Brooklynn and spent several minutes talking to her as well. What a wonderful opportunity it was. 

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.