In February I had to opportunity to go to Roots Tech. Which as usual was amazing. Each time I go I am always torn between which classes to go to. This year I wanted a certain class, I walked all the way on the other side of the building to go to it. Once I got there I realized that it was full and they weren't letting anyone else into the class. I had no idea which class to go to. So I just began walking around and ended up going into a class about Paleography. I was so intrigued. Writing is my "thing" I love hand written letters, especially old writings. Like I've mentioned before I love reading my grandparents' letters that they gave me. 

In that class we talked about famous studies of handwriting that have helped solve very high profile police investigations. It is proven that handwriting can change with mood, but also certain characteristics stay the same. There has been studies done on someone who they had a signature the day he got married, a signature when he was arrested and another when his child was born. It showed a difference on the signature when he was arrested. It was pretty amazing. They also talked about different things to look for that would be similar. I also learned that you can really see personality characteristics in the way someone writes. It was so very interesting and I learned a lot in that class and I really wanted to learn more. 

We enjoyed the rest of Roots Tech and we had so much fun wandering around. We were down to the last class of the Conference and I saw another Paleography class, but I had decided to go to a different class with my friends. Only 5 minutes in I already knew everything they were talking about so I left that class and went and sat in the Paleography class instead. Again it was so interesting and I was intrigued. We were shown different famous handwritings and signatures and I was hooked. We may not know a lot about our ancestors, but there are so many different ways to learn about people. 

"We are all a product of our past!" - Ron Arons