Does ice cream have a special place in your heart like it does for me? 

I have this picture in my kitchen that reminds me of my grandparents. My grandma knew the Snelgrove family and my grandpa took her there all the time, even though he didn't like ice cream. It wasn't until he spent four years away from home during WWII that he found a new love for ice cream. He only was able to get fresh cold milk and ice cream on very few occassions. I guess "while away the heart grows fonder" applies in that situation. Every night my grandparents had a nightly bowl of ice cream. It was their tradition and it became something that their children and grandchildren inherited as well. 

My husband's grandpa also had a love for ice cream and Snelgrove's was his favorite. Every night at 8pm he had his bowl of ice cream. If we happened to be there at 8 we got a bowl too. That tradition was also passed down through out the generations as well. My family included. 

Is there a family treat that became a family tradition in your family?